Volunteer Needed


NOTE:  Since this announcement was posted Ingrid Davis has stepped forward to take on the job and will be working with Steve Rice to make the brunch happen. Thanks Ingrid! and thanks Steve!

Ball co-chairs Sheila Toal and Barbara Austen are looking for someone to volunteer to work with Steve Rice to get the brunch organized. He has the supplies in his basement.

The essential duties are:

Inventory supplies and purchase what is needed, coordinate with Steve to get supplies to the brunch location (Polish National Association in Wallingford).

Arrange for someone/some people to purchase milk, cream, juice, a small deli platter, rolls, condiments, lemons, ice, and fruit for the fruit salad .

Keep flatware, plates and napkins fully supplied.

Remove empty plates from the buffet.

Oversee breakdown of tables for dancing.

Oversee clean up.

This is a one time volunteer opportunity! You are not signing on to co-chair the ball at any time (unless of course you want to).

Please contact either Sheila at cstoal@sbcglobal.net

or Barbara at Barbara_austen@att.net

We need a commitment by November, please.