Coming Events

Coming events have been divided into two sections. The first, immediately below, contains New Haven Branch events. The second section contains events sponsored by other groups.


Saturday, September 30 – The New Haven Branch will hold a dance
which will be part of 24 hours of dancing around the world
in celebration of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society’s centenary
(1923 – 2023)

The dance will be held from 2 – 5 PM at
First Church of Christ Congregational,
190 Court Street, Middletown, CT

Donation $20

Music by Norb Spencer and Friends:
  Norb Spencer, accordion; Becky Miller, fiddle;
  Amy Cann, fiddle & viola;Rebecca McCallum,fiddle;
  Debby Tyler, fiddle; Patric Cohen, bass

No.   Dance                                   Type/Rep                    Reference
1     Circle Waltz (Mixer)         6×32 W          A. Moore: A Guide to Scottish Country  Dancing (ex-Collins)
2     The Happy Meeting              8×32 J                Unknown: RSCDS Book 29
3     None So Pretty                       8×40 R               T. Wilson (19C)RSCDS Book 19
4     Neidpath Castle                  3×32 S                D. Haynes: RSCDS Book 22
5    Gothenburgh’s Welcome    8×32 J                B. Munro: RSCDS Book 37
6    Rakes of Glasgow                  8×32 S               Preston (18C): RSCDS Book 11
7    Scott Meikle                               4×32 R           A. McLean: RSCDS Book 46


8    Farewell to Balfour Road (5 couple) 96 J  A. Buxton: RSCDS Book 52
9    The Old Man of Storr           8×32 R            R. Goldring: RSCDS Children’s  Book
10  Miss Milligan’s Strathspey  8×32 S            RSCDS: RSCDS Leaflet Dances
11  Ladies’ Fancy                        8×32 J             Unknown: RSCDS Book 13
12  Anna Holden’s Strathspey  8×32 S             J Drewry: RSCDS Book42
13  Flowers of Edinburgh           8×32 R            Unknown: RSCDS Book 1
14  Waltz Country Dance (6x) & Free 8×40 W Unknown: RSCDS Book 4

Details will be posted here as they become available.


Following are events, to be held by other groups, that may be of interest to
New Haven Branch members

No entries from other groups at present



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