Time to renew your RSCDS Membership


Current members: Your annual membership in the RSCDS and in the New Haven Branch will end on August 31. A new Membership Application is now available on the “Membership Application” page of this website (which seems an appropriate place). Download it, fill in the information, and mail it. (With a check of course.) Don’t let this hang over your head. Do it now. Feel the weight slip off your shoulders. Walk tall. Look people in the eye.

Non members: if you are thinking of joining the RSCDS, you can do it at any time. But why wait? No matter when you join the membership ends August 31 of next year. The sooner you join, the more months you get for your money.

If you have an RSCDS membership through another branch but would like to be a member of the New Haven Branch also: Welcome!  We have a special discounted price for you. Look on the Application for “Branch only” membership.