TAC Summer School

Cancellation of TAC Summer Events

It is with great regret that we announce the cancellation of TAC Summer Events for 2020 (Teachers Conference Weekend, teacher candidate courses and Summer Dance Week). We thank you all for your understanding and the supportive messages that we’ve received as we’ve dealt with first the possibility and then the certainty that we would have to cancel.

Looking ahead, we are happy to announce that next year we will return to Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada. The 2020 teaching and music staff have all happily agreed to join us in 2021 and we all look forward to a time when we can dance together again.

Best regards from everyone on the Summer Events Committee,

Kathy Simonsen – Director sedirector@tac-rscds.org
Lin Pettengill – TCW Director 
Eric MacKay – Treasurer 
Marjorie McLaughlin – Registrar 
Linda Mae Dennis – Examinations Coordinator 
Sharon Barker – Local Hospitality Chairman 

Website:   TAC Summer School

TAC Summer School is sponsored by Teachers’ Association (Canada) and is not an RSCDS New Haven Branch  event.  Any  communication about the Summer School should be conducted with TAC directly.


Page updated May 6, 2020

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