New Haven Highland Ball

2019 RSCDS New Haven Branch Highland Ball Weekend

The  Ball was held on Saturday March 2, followed by the Brunch on Sunday, March 3, 2019

Music for both the Ball and the Brunch was by Highland Oasis:
Jim Stevenson-Mathews, Mara Shea, and Rebecca MacCallum

For a list of the Ball dances, with full details, click here:

For a similar list of the Brunch dances,  click here:

For a quick peek the Dances for the ball are listed below and can be downloaded as a .doc file by clicking on the title below right.

Dances for 2019 New Haven Ball                          Dances for 2019 New Haven Ball

The Hollin Buss                            32J2       Book24
The Gentleman                            32S3       Book 35
The Wind Dragon                        32R3        Island Bay
Noah’s Ark                                      32J3        Book 43
Invercauld’s Reel                         32S3        Book 11
Catch the Wind                             32H3       Island Bay

Les Remparts de Seville            32J3        Book 50
The Haar on Skye                         32S3       3rd Graded
Sleepy Maggie                               32J3        Book 11
Mole’s Frolic                                   32J3         Dunsmuir
Miss Florence Adams                  32S3         Book 38
Peat Fire Flame                             40R3         Drewrey/Bon Accord

Sunshine and Sweeties              32J3          Book48
The Byron Strathspey                  32S4set   Drewrey/Deeside 2
The Sailor                                          32H3         Book 24
Rory O’More                                     32J2          Book 1
McDonald of the Isles                   32S3set   Haynes/Carnforth   (do twice through)
Left-handed Fiddler                      32R3         Howard Lasnik



updated March 3, 2019