Nearby Groups:

RSCDS Boston
The Boston Branch of the RSCDS is the oldest outside the U.K. Classes are held at various places in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York State. The Branch presents a Highland Ball in May and holds a Summer School in July.

RSCDS New York
The New York Branch site contains a large number of useful links.

Kilts and Ghillies Scottish Dance Project
This site is intended to be “A resource for the dancers and teachers in the tri-state area.”

Mystic Scottish Dancers
A Facebook page for the Mystic Connecticut class. Contains photos, videos, and event information

New haven Branch Class
A Facebook page for the New Haven class

Other Resources:

The Royal Scottish Dance Society
The official home page of the Royal Scottish Dance Society

The Inter-City Scot
An information source about Scottish country dancing activities in North America; balls, workshops, and monthly dance socials. But of equal or greater importance it provides an extensive list of Scottish dance classes in the US and Canada. If you are traveling and want to find a place to dance, this is the place to look.

Pinewoods Summer Camp
Not just for Scottish Dancing!

The Grand Chain Scottish Dance Resource
A site with a LOT of information on Scottish Dance

TAC – Teachers’ Association (Canada)  
Sponsors of the famed TAC Summer School