Kilts and Ghillies Tea Dance

Save the Date! The 2020 Kilts & Ghillies Tea Dance is scheduled for Saturday, May 2 at the South Britain Congregational Church’s Parish House from 3:00 to 7:00 PM. Light supper (plus potluck contributions from Branch members!), desserts, tea/coffee will be served at intermission. Please note that to avoid conflicts with other major Northeast dance events, we have moved the date to the first Saturday in May!

Once again we have confirmed a fantastic band! Returning for 2020 is the dynamic duo; this year it’s Peter Macfarlane (fiddle) and Susie Petrov (piano), who played for the 2018 Kilts and Ghillies Tea Dance.

Over the summer Peter Price and Sandra Bethray have been diligently working on devising the 2020 program, consulting with Peter Mac for musical advice. Links to the program are below.

We look forward to seeing you next Spring! The program is a balance of easy and challenging dances, including some long time favorites as well as intriguing, less familiar dances.

Ingrid Davis

K&G Tea Dance organizer


* Link to Peter’s Blog and scroll down to Kilts & Ghillies; the link to original instructions where available is here.

* Or, link directly to the program he has posted on where you will find cribs, diagrams and where available videos.

* [Note: The link opens “Dance List: Kilts and Ghillies Tea Dance 2020” in the Overview tab. To view cribs with diagrams: click to the right on “Cribs”; they pop up. To add diagrams from this screen, check the “diagrams” box in the Display line. Diagrams will pop-up next to the appropriate crib. To print: click on Download PDF, then Open with Adobe Acrobat. If you are using Chrome or Safari, the downloaded file with appear in a box at the bottom left of the screen….]

* The flyer is attached (side by side on a single sheet).K&G 2020 Save the Date email side-by-side

*Should you be printing class handouts, a back-to-back flyer with two half sheets is also attached: details on the front, program on the reverse. K&G 2020 Save the Date back-to-back half sheets



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