Nutmeg Workshop Big Success



The Nutmeg committee would like to thank all who helped put this year’s Nutmeg workshop together —-Susan Leff and Ed Davis for organizing the hall and supplying hospitality, Barbara Austen and Karen Pestana for briefing the dances, Steve Rice our ‘coffee/tea king’, Elizabeth Muir for slave labor, and so many others for helping in organizing and planning etc etc etc Thank you, Nutmeg Committee Catriona MacAuslan, Lee Perri, Nina Stein, Alice Hencir


Musician Terry Traub and Anne Hooper

“Thanks for inviting us to be part of this friendly and nicely organized dance! I had a great time the entire day, and I’m sure Anne feels the same. Also – excellent potluck – no one outdoes the Scots!” Terry Traub “I am still buzzing from the enthusiasm of all the Nutmeg dancers! It was you who make us play so well. The music may tell the dancers what to do, but it is the dancers who tell the music how to do it!” Anne Hooper