It’s Time to Renew Your RSCDS Membership


Your current RSCDS New Haven Branch membership expires on August 31st, but there is hope! An application form for the coming year is available on the website. It even enjoys it’s own page. Download a copy. Fill it in. Send it, with your check, to Ed Davis. The address is on the form.
If you are a new dancer, join the crowd. It’s the same form, and, for new members, we offer a discount  on a ticket to your first New Haven Ball.
If you never danced before, and got to this website by mistake, that’s OK! Send in your check! Then look up your nearest class and get started! You’re off to a new adventure!

Three Exciting Events Have Been Announced


Looking ahead to Fall, three new events have been added to the calendar:

The New Jersey Branch has announced their annual tea dance at the Alpine Boat Basin  to be held on September 16.

The New York Branch has published details of the Jeannie Carmichael Ball, scheduled for October 20.

and here at home the Nutmeg Workshop is on the schedule for October 27.

Check the Upcoming Events page of our website for all the details.

Time to look ahead to the Kilts and Ghillies Tea Dance


The annual New Haven ball and brunch have come and gone. When you have recovered from your state of utter happy exhaustion, take a minute to look ahead to the next big event on our Scottish dance calendar: the Kilts and Ghillies Tea Dance. Kilts and Ghillies will be held on Saturday afternoon, April 28. Take a look at the Kilts and Ghillies page (where else?). There you will find more information including links to the Flyer and Registration Form, the dates for two workshops, and directions and diagrams for the dances.